"Considering we have a large dog in our home, we never thought that you could make our carpets look so clean and smell so fresh with your "all dry" carpet cleaning system, but you did!
Mr and Mrs T, Ashford, Kent

"I was delighted with the service I received from your company; you arrived on time, stuck to your quote and did a fantastic job on my carpets. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and would use your services again.
Mr and Mrs Oborne, Tenterden, Kent

"We were very pleased when we moved into our new home, but the carpets were a dirty disappointment. A friend told us about All Dry Carpet Cleaning, who did a wonderful job cleaning the carpets throughout the house, saving us the expense of replacing them. We had not heard of this dry system and it was wonderful to be able to walk on them straight away.
Mrs M Huffer, Hawkhurst, Kent.

When people think of carpet cleaning they think of water, strong chemicals, mess, upheaval and wet carpets. We don't use any water at all - it is a completely dry system. That means we can go into your home, shift furniture, clean the carpet and have your home back into normal use straight away.

The process begins with a dry carpet cleaning agent which is sprinkled onto the carpet. It acts like a natural sponge; this unique cleaning product combined with the Envirodri carpet cleaning machine dissolves and traps the dirt and leaves the carpet clean, fresh, fragrant and dry.

Envirodri is also good for the environment and can help people that suffer from allergies like asthma. Research tests have shown; the envirodri dry carpet deep cleaning system removes up to 85% of allergens in a carpet. Envirodri also helps remove harmful bacteria, mould spores, dust mites and fleas.

Many or our customers have commented about the amazing dry cleaning system we use and like the concept of being able to walk on the carpet immediately after it had been cleaned.